I am a Denver born artist, living in New York for the past 25 years.  As a young man, I was fascinated with anything having to do with New York City, eventually and especially focusing on the idea of the artist lifestyle, complete with the huge dream loft.  Being accepted to Parsons School of Design gave me the needed push to change my life and begin my journey.  The loft has yet to be a reality, but I have always carved out creative spaces allowing me to work.  During my pursuit of painting, I fell into the art of tattooing, worked in the field for the past 22 years and currently own one of the top rated studios in the city.  I believe each discipline has affected the other in a positive way, however, I always wish I could tattoo like I paint.  There is something exciting about the way you can push paint around to find that happy accident or make that smooth blend that allows me to disappear into the work and the process itself.  I thank you for looking and hope you enjoy.